• Millie Throp

Local Art for Good Causes

Here we are again, awaiting another announcement from the man in the big chair – do people call him that? Either way, it’s not all doom and gloom. The weather has been holding up here in the North and local artists are doing great things for great causes.

As a (dirty) southerner, I have always felt a unique sense of community-spirit in Manchester, a reason I hold high regard for the city and its zealous nature.

Today on the blog I will be discussing some examples of creative, charitable projects and letting you know how you can get involved.

The first artist I have been introduced to in light of this subject is Ben Van de Wouw or FNTSYWRLD. 23 year old Ben recently quit his full-time job to commit to his art and raise money for deserving causes.

From 1st March he will be creating 6 paintings in Manchester City Centre, these will then be exhibited with free access and sold. Ben is aiming to raise £10,000 with the sales of the paintings, donating the full amount to ‘Don’t Walk Past’. Don’t Walk Past are a self-funded group that travel around Manchester’s streets each night handing out essential items such as toiletries or warm clothing.

The project, ‘On The Streets’ is currently looking for funding to go ahead as project grants are often not applicable for fundraisers . You can donate to Ben’s Go-Fund-Me page here https://uk.gofundme.com/f/on-the-streets-painting-for-homelessness and see that the project is made possible. Look out for Ben from March 1st and find his work on Instagram at @fntsywrld.

You can find out more about the amazing work of ‘Don’t Walk Past’ and how you can help out here: https://www.neighbourly.com/project/5ce82828c7ac8e0b8ccb0ebc

The next artists I will discuss is North-West based artist Mary Naylor. Throughout this month she is selling prints on Instagram, donating 50% of the profits to Runnymede Trust. Runnymede is the UK’s leading voice in conversations surrounding racial inequality.

Mary’s A3 prints are each priced around £20 and contribute to a great cause. I am now a proud owner of ‘Dot’, displayed above, and would encourage everyone to have a look at the beautiful prints to be purchased at https://marynaylor.format.com/7892546-shop !

Runnymede’s website is an extensive hub of information surrounding their work and Britain’s existing racial inequalites. The trust is funded by donations, you can find out how to contribute and make use of their educative resources via their website: https://www.runnymedetrust.org/about.html

Ebb and Flow is an arts therapy group run by Abi Rogers. Their work involves helping all-ages to improve their wellbeing through creative practise. Currently they are working with young carers, providing a fun arts session each week to encourage self-expression, providing opportunity to be young and meet new friends.

The service they provide is completely free and could bring a lot of happiness to a young person with more responsibilities than most people their age. If you know anyone that may benefit from this service, or you yourself would like to get in touch, Abi can be emailed at: ebbandflowarttherapy@outlook.com.

You can also find out about the other amazing work of Ebb and Flow at https://www.facebook.com/EbbAndFlowArtTherapy/?ref=page_internal

Finally, Local Hotel Parking, also know as collage artist, Katie, is raising money for 0161 Community. 0161 Community describe themselves as ‘The People Saving the People’ and promote a strong, working-class, Mancunian identity. The group voice the unheard members of individual communities, provide the youth with skills and offer guidance.

Currently Katie is selling raffle tickets for the chance to win the bundles listed above. The bundles are made up of items made by independent sellers and would be a very exciting gift to yourself for just £5 or £9 for 2 tickets. All proceeds go directly to 0161 Community.

You can purchase beautiful collages such as the one above (that I am slightly in love with) and get your raffle tickets here: https://www.localhotelparking.com/shop/0161-charity-raffle

Please also check out 0161 Community’s page and find out more about their work for northern communities at https://www.facebook.com/0161community

In writing this I have a) spent lots of money on art and b) recognised the role of art in creating the changes we wish to see happen around us.

I hope that this blog has provided some insight into local charities, introduced you to some creative talent and made you want to spend all your money on art like I just have – after all, it’s for charity!